From 0 to 1 metre in 0.62 seconds

Solutions with linear motors Weiss Handling is a complete series of modules run by a linear motor. The modules can be found as both individual sliders or as X/Y systems. The whole series is characterised by an extremely high level of precision, a very rapid speed, and high accelerations. A good example is the HG12 module. With a load of 5 kg, it can run at up to 4 m/s with an acceleration of 40 m/s. In practice, this means that the module runs at 1 metre per 0.62 second and with a remarkable repeat accuracy of 2 μm per  [Read more...]

We supply peace of mind and good ideas

When service manager Klaus Daugaard arrives for work at United Components, his working day is filled with projects, where being able to listen and transform the customer’s needs into useable automated solutions is paramount. United Components is about more than just quality products. “We supply peace of mind and good ideas,” states Klaus. “This is why we deserve to be chosen as the supplier of choice throughout the entire project. The fact that we can supply the knowledge, the know-how and fully customised solutions – this provides peace of mind for the customer.” Trusted to deliver When United Components delivers  [Read more...]