From 0 to 1 metre in 0.62 seconds

Solutions with linear motors

Weiss Handling is a complete series of modules run by a linear motor. The modules can be found as both individual sliders or as X/Y systems.

The whole series is characterised by an extremely high level of precision, a very rapid speed, and high accelerations.

A good example is the HG12 module. With a load of 5 kg, it can run at up to 4 m/s with an acceleration of 40 m/s. In practice, this means that the module runs at 1 metre per 0.62 second and with a remarkable repeat accuracy of 2 μm per metre.

Weiss HP0070 and HP140 are complete pick-and-place units designed for jobs where precision and dynamism are needed. They can work within an area of 400 x 150 mm with loads of up to 5 kg and with a repeat accuracy of 0.01 mm.

The entire series of linear motors is controlled by the Weiss control system. Alternatively, you can use Servo controllers from the most common suppliers of servo systems.

Facts about the HP0070

HP0070 is the patented pick-and-place with the most outwardly compact dimensions.

The unit is especially well-suited for dynamic applications with up to 100 cycles a minute with loads up to 2 kg.



Facts about the HP140

HP140 is the heavy duty pick-and-place for dynamic jobs with loads of up to 5 kg. When precision and dynamism are required chose HP140.

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