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We offer a comprehensive range of assembly components for building solutions of the highest quality. Whether linear, robotic or portal solutions.

Robotic accessories

Whether your robot is Universal Robots, Yaskawa, ABB, Doosan, Fanuc, or Kuka, Zimmer Group solutions can add value.

We have every imaginable accessory starting with tool changers, and ending with long stroke grippers and IO-Link. It's all available for collaborative solutions as well as traditional applications.

Grips and handling components

Zimmer Group, (formerly known as Sommer Automatic) has undergone a fantastic development in recent years, with a wealth of new innovative products for use in demanding automation.

Zimmer Shock Absorbers

Zimmer's shock absorbers are made of stainless steel. They are built around a patented "worm principle" which in short provides a unique lifetime and durability.

We've put together an indispensable toolkit of adjustable Zimmer shock absorbers, you can read more about here

Zimmer Brake and clamping elements

No matter what brand you use in linear guides, Zimmer has the right brake or clamping element. Zimmer is the world's largest manufacturer of locks and brake elements for all linear guide manufacturers.

Weiss assembly technology

Pick-and-place, or a single axis? Weiss has the right solution based on linear motors that enable over 100 cycles per minute, with accuracies down to 0.01 mm. The Weiss mounting technology can be controlled by most standard controllers on the market.


A stable base to build on is crucial to building the finished solution.

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Weiss Accurate

Weiss Accurate, is a division for high-precision solutions based on direct drives and linear motors. Systems can be built in aluminium as well as stone, for installation in temperature controlled spaces.

Weiss pallet system LS280

Weiss LS280 is a unique combination of 2 well-known features, namely transfer system and round tables, but in the same solution. With up to 60 cycles per minute, shock-free transport, and a unique control concept, the Weiss LS280 has become a worldwide success.

Weiss Round Table Machines

The complete solution. Weiss offers a comprehensive range of accessories for use around round tables: plates, stands, fixtures etc. with a high degree of customisation.

White round tables

Weiss is Europe's largest manufacturer of round tables, and offers a complete range of round tables, from the smallest to the largest, freely programmable, or with fixed divisions.


United Components has over the years built up a unique knowledge of component feeding

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RNA Vibrator Systems

RNA is Europe's largest supplier of vibratory solutions, with annual production of more than 1,500 feeding systems, such as traditional vibratory systems, circular vibrators, linear vibrators, with or without single traps at the end of the linear vibrator.

UC Simple vibrator systems

UC Simple vibratory systems - UC Fastbowl - are vibratory systems that are manufactured locally. They are suitable for simple parts, and are fully proven vibratory solutions at reasonable prices with short lead times.

Flexible delivery systems

The market for flexible feeding systems is growing rapidly, and through RNA's collaboration with Swiss Asycube, it has the market's strongest solution when it comes to flexible feeding systems with 3-axis vibrations.

Components for vibratory systems

United Components A/S is a distributor of RNA, the world's largest supplier of components for building vibrator systems. RNA can deliver all imaginable solutions for your task and in the best quality on the market.

Bunkers and filling systems

Hoppers and filling systems are an overlooked part of vibrator systems. They are used to refill the vibratory systems so that they run stably. Our knowledge is unique and we work with several suppliers to find the optimal solution for your application with bunkers from 0.1 to 2000 litres.


Whatever you need to join, we have a unique range of screw and press systems with the highest accuracy.

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Screwdriving systems from Stöger Automation

Over more than 25 years, Stöger has built a position as a high quality and affordable fastener company. Stöger supplies equipment for the assembly of: screws, nuts, rivets, pins, jack nuts etc.

Press applications from Promess assembly

Electric servo presses with pressing force from 10 kg up to 50 tons. The unique software included makes the presses freely programmable, with highest precision, for accurate assembly, pressing, bending, riveting etc.


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