Linear systems

– Up to 20 rows side by side

SORT-FLEX systems from RNA are linear systems that can be expanded by up to 20 rows in parallel. With the aid of a bunker system, the pieces are fed onto a conveyor belt, which transports them on linear lines. The pieces are dropped off during sorting and returned to the bunker system in an endless system.

SORT-FLEX systems are open systems, which are easy to access as well as to adjust and service. The systems can sort even small pieces with tiny edges. SORT-FLEX systems can deliver up to 2500 pieces a minute, depending on the kind of piece that is being fed.


  • Low noise
  • Minimal use of air pressure
  • Well-suited to sorting pieces with small edges
  • Easy to adjust and service
  • Easy changeover
  • Cheap to run

The picture above shows a system with four rows. By feeding in smaller pieces, it is possible to combine 3D-printed vibrator tops with linear sorting tracks.

The heart of a linear sorting line is the modified linear vibrator from RNA, upon which various tracks have been mounted for sorting.

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