Traditional feeding systems can also be innovative

Flexible systems with cameras and robots are experiencing growth, but traditional vibrating systems still make up the largest share of the market in feeding systems for automation.

Demand for uniformity is growing

Demands for uniformity, traceability and documentation are growing in the automation industry. Whereas previously craftsmen made unique solutions that were not documented or uniform, today’s market requires solutions to be documented and to enable the reordering of systems and spare parts, as all systems are naturally designed in 3D.

For many years, United Components’ business partner RNA has built up a reputation as one of the most innovative suppliers of delivery systems. The company coined the phrase “flexible feeding systems” and was among the first to offer vibrating tops that could be printed in 3D to sizes up to Ø400.

Growth through unique solutions

The manufacture of vibrating systems requires lengthy experience, and this is something which the over 50-year-old company has plenty to offer. Today, RNA is Europe’s biggest supplier of vibrating systems, and the company has experienced an almost explosive growth over the past five years. This growth has been driven by its unique solutions, which are fully documented and supported globally.

As RNA’s representative in Scandinavia, United Components manufactures every single vibrating system just like its business partner, for the specific component that is to be fed.

At United Components, we are ready and waiting to offer advice on your next feeding system. Contact us to hear more about your opportunities for customer-specific and unique solutions.


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