We supply peace of mind and good ideas

When service manager Klaus Daugaard arrives for work at United Components, his working day is filled with projects, where being able to listen and transform the customer’s needs into useable automated solutions is paramount. United Components is about more than just quality products.

“We supply peace of mind and good ideas,” states Klaus. “This is why we deserve to be chosen as the supplier of choice throughout the entire project. The fact that we can supply the knowledge, the know-how and fully customised solutions – this provides peace of mind for the customer.”

Trusted to deliver

When United Components delivers solutions for basic machinery, vibrating systems, handling applications, gripper systems, shock absorbers and screw and press systems for industry, the focus is always on the complete solution rather than just the individual components.
“It may sound a little trite, but the customer’s success is our success,” claims Klaus. “We will be the one that accommodates the customer’s needs for the best solutions possible, and this means that we are not afraid to pass on a job if we can see that we are not the right company to complete it. This doesn’t often happen, but when it does, it hurts. We must evaluate, assess and adjust – but first and foremost, we must safeguard our reliability and not compromise simply to obtain permission to deliver the next best option.”

Various criteria must be fulfilled

There are various criteria which must be fulfilled in order for the company, with its hand on its heart, to guarantee the customer the best solution. Klaus observes: “The system which we develop for the customer must have a long lifetime. It is costly to start up new processes and we know that the customer rarely has time to take chances. The system must be simple to use for the process operator, who will be the one responsible for operating it. It must be easy to implement and the solution must also be able to run with a minimum of service and maintenance. Once these points have been checked off, we know that we are living up to our goals on quality, durability and efficiency and that this ensures our eligibility as the link between the customer and the manufacturer throughout the entire project phase.”

The strategy has been a resounding success. Since United Components began in 2003, it has supplied components and systems for automation amounting to more than DKK 300 million. The vast majority of these systems which the company has developed are still in operation.

High-end components and know-how

“We collaborate with the suppliers of high-end components from the most innovative manufacturers in Europe. In addition to this we listen, enquire, think, analyse and investigate. We understand the customers’ needs and we speak their language,” claims Klaus, adding that the company has almost 20,000 product numbers and is thus able to put together a programme with components from one complete supplier.

Closer to the customer – from start to finish

In this way, Klaus Daugaard and his colleagues at United Components navigate daily in an innovative interaction between the best solutions in basic machinery, vibrating systems, handling applications, gripper systems, shock absorbers and screw and press systems.

“We maintain the necessary focus and handle service tasks daily in the broadest sense, troubleshooting, commissioning, design proposals and technical support,” concludes Klaus, who sees it as a matter of trust to develop the most effective applications and ultimately the best solution. “This is the reason for success. We are simply closer to the customer – from start to finish.”

United Components A/S is a Danish-owned company, which, since its establishment in 2003, has developed and supplied components for automation. The company offers development, know-how and advice on basic machinery, vibrating systems, handling applications, gripper systems, shock absorbers and screw and press systems for industry. Over the past 15 years, United Components A/S has built up a position as one of the market’s strongest suppliers of advice and sales of automated systems for some of the biggest industries in Scandinavia. United Components’ solutions are manufactured in the highest quality, fully documented and designed in 3D. The company supplies virtually all sectors of industry, from the medical sector to the foundry industry.



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