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ASTRO feeding systems

Astro feeding solutions was founded in 2020 by passionate specialists who have more than 25 years of experience and know-how in feeding all kinds of parts; from simple washers, to complex parts for use in the pharmaceutical industry.

We focus on the optimal solution for each task!

Some parts are best feeded in a traditional vibrator system, others parts are best suited for a stair feeder, etc. At Astro we focus on the optimal solution for your task. Astro is 100% designed in 3D CAD and the solutions themselves are manufactured using a 5-axis machining centre. The advantages of this are obvious:

ASTRO Feeding system from United Components

* Bunker solutions:

  • Vibrating bunkers
  • conveyor bunkers
  • Giraffes
  • From 0.3 to 1,000 litres

* Vibrator in polyamide:

  • Designed in 3D CAD
  • Manufactured in 5-axis machining centre
  • 99% reproducibility
  • Possibility of surface treatment

* Single trap / dead land:

  • Removal of parts
  • With pneumatic or electric modules
ASTRO Feeding system from United Components

* Fully documented:

  • Documented according to 2006/42/EC, paragraph 13
  • Complete parts lists

* Management of the system:

  • Controls for integration with HMI
  • Management of the whole system
  • With Ventilø and BUS communication

* Linear rails:

  • Linear vibrator up to 3.000 mm.
  • conveyor up to 5.000 mm.

Innovation in feeding technology

- Dummy layout already on request
- 100% reproducibility in solution, providing economic benefits for rebuilds
- Detailed documentation and traceability in solution
- Unique level of detail of system before manufacturing the finished solution

- Machined in 5-axis machining centre, allowing tolerances down to 1/10 mm.
- Manufacturing allows system to be rebuilt with 99% reproducibility
- Low noise material with unique wear properties
- Accurate fit to part geometry

- Vibrator tops up to Ø650 mm in black/white Polyamide. Available in FDA approved material
- Linear rails up to 3.000 mm.
- Vibrator control, operation via HMI or complete control box, controlling the system
- Vibrator drive that gives minimum vibrations down to the floor, and does not interfere with other vibratory drives on the same plate

Complete documentation
- Systems that are 100% documented according to 2006/42/EC, paragraph 13 concerning partly completed machinery
- Parts lists, spare parts lists and, where applicable, pneumatic and functional diagrams
- Complete parts lists

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