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Whatever you need to join, we have a unique range of screw and press systems with the highest accuracy

PROMESS has specialized in the development and manufacture of servo presses for more than 20 years. Their core competencies are the development of complete technologies to solve individual and complex assembly and testing tasks. Today, the products are known for their unrivaled quality and unlimited application possibilities.

Workstations from Promess

The integrated NC servo press positions with an accuracy of +/- 0.001 mm. The space-saving design also makes it possible to integrate the workstation in a very small space. All electrical components including the NC control are integrated into the press frame, so a control cabinet is not required.

Promess Rapid 

The device's performance is comparable to linear motor systems, but it offers better energy efficiency. Speeds of 500 mm/s and an acceleration of 30,000 mm/s² can be reached. It is designed for forces up to 5 kN.


The Universal Rotational Joining Module (URFM) is designed for particularly demanding applications where axial and rotational forces need to be applied and monitored simultaneously. The linear and rotary movements are controlled via two independent axes and monitored by the integrated PROMESS software. Force-displacement and torque-angle curves can be generated, monitored and saved.

UFM Line5 RX

Line5 RX universal connection modules are suitable for simple as well as complex assembly processes and for inspection and testing applications in the force range from 0.2 to 500 kN. This connection module makes it possible to control multiple presses with just one controller.


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