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WEISS Assembly technology

WEISS assembly technology

Pick-and-place or single axis? WEISS has the right solution based on linear motors that enable over 100 strokes per minute with accuracies down to 0.01 mm.

The mounting technology from WEISS can be controlled by most standard controllers on the market. Feel free to contact us for advice and guidance. 

WEISS Accurate

WEISS Accurate

A stable base to build on is crucial for the finished solution.

WEISS Accurate is a department for high-precision solutions based on direct drives and linear motors.

Systems can be built in aluminum as well as stone for installation in temperature-controlled rooms.

WEISS indexing tables

WEISS is Europe's largest manufacturer of indexing tables and offers a complete range of indexing tables from the smallest to the largest, freely programmable or with fixed dividers.

Contact us to learn more about why TC indexing tables are the best-selling indexing tables in Europe. 

WEISS indexing table

WEISS rotary indexing machines

The complete solution. WEISS offers a comprehensive range of accessories for use around indexing tables: plates, stands, fixtures etc. with a high degree of customisation.

WEISS palletizer LS280

WEISS LS280 is a unique combination of 2 well-known features, transfer system and indexing tables but in the same solution.

With up to 60 cycles per minute, shock-free transport and a unique control concept, the WEISS LS280 has been a worldwide success.

WEISS Delta robot

DR Delta robot

Delta robots from WEISS are characterized by being as fast as lightning, lightweight and extremely accurate. The DR series is available with 2 to 5 axes and is made to handle high-speed assembly and handling. They are especially used for automated applications in the packaging and electronics industries. In these applications, they offer high speed as well as extreme precision.


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