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Doosan Robotics

Doosan Robotics is the new standard in collaborative robots

With Doosan Robotics, the use of collaborative robots has reached a whole new level.

They provide the highest level of safety in operator-robot collaboration with their unique sensitivity of 0.2 N and are easy to integrate into your existing work environment.

For each of your applications the Doosan robot is able to calculate the slopes, the weight of it's tool and it's centre line, ensuring the shortest installation time.

Doosan Robotics have torque sensors in all joints making them sensitive to impacts as low as 0.2 N. The series also has a reach of up to 1700 mm. And can handle loads up to 25 kg.

Doosan Robotics

Masterpiece M Series

Premium cobot for the most advanced tasks with the highest security

Payload: 6 - 15 Kg
Range: 900 - 1.700 mm

Almighty A Series

Superior speed and cost-effective cobot, for all types of tasks

Payload: 5 - 9 Kg
Range: 900 - 1.200 mm

High Power H Series

The most powerful robot on the market, with payload up to 25 kg.

Payload: 20 - 25 Kg
Range: 1.500 - 1.700 mm

Accessories for your Doosan

Original accessories

Complete your collaborative solution with original Doosan accessories that fit directly into software and mechanics


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