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We are a Danish owned company, focusing on the Scandinavian market, with activities in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Unique automation solutions don't happen behind closed doors - it requires an understanding of the requirements of industry and customers. We have this understanding because we listen, ask, think and investigate.

We have a close dialogue with the companies we represent and we take our clients by the hand from start to finish. We are the universal interface between both worlds. That's the reason for our successful growth.

High-quality products are the backbone in our customers' solutions, which is why we represent automation components of the highest quality.

We guide you throughout the project from start to finish, so you're left with the best possible solution when the project is complete.

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Our focus is on technically advanced components, for use in the development and manufacture of special machine parts, primarily in connection with assembly solutions.

We strive to be our customers' preferred partner in Scandinavia. We achieve this with a unique range of high-end components, which both individually and in combination with each other, guarantee our customers the best possible solution.

Our mission is to be closer to your automation. Through commitment and knowledge, we help our customers build, and maintain, a strong position in the market. Likewise, we will achieve this by providing unique components and solutions that lead in innovation and quality. Solutions that guarantee a long lifetime and minimal maintenance and service costs.

United Components was founded in 2003 by Niels H. Sørensen and today employs 23 people.

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Handling of bag connectors

Handling of bag connectors

All our Astro feeding systems are designed, developed and built in-house, and now our skilled design and assembly department has just sent another feeding system out the door.

This feeding system handles bag connectors.

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Astro feeding system

Astro feeding system

Our Astro feeding systems ensure your parts an optimal start on the journey through the production plant
Just like this solution we have just delivered to a customer, which precipitates, orients and feeds 4 different parts to the further production process.

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