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RNA Vibrator Systems

RNA is Europe's largest supplier of vibratory solutions, with annual production of more than 1,500 feeding systems, such as traditional vibratory systems, circular vibrators, linear vibrators, with or without single traps at the end of the linear vibrator.

Hoppers and filling systems

Hoppers and filling systems are an overlooked part of vibrator systems. They are used to refill the vibratory systems so that they run stably.

Our knowledge is unique, and we work with several suppliers to find the optimal solution for your task with bunkers from 0.1 to 2000 litres

Flexible delivery systems

The market for flexible feeding systems is growing rapidly, and through RNA's collaboration with Swiss Asycube, it has the market's strongest solution when it comes to flexible feeding systems with 3-axis vibrations.

Components for vibratory systems

United Components A/S is a distributor of RNA, the world's largest supplier of components for building vibrator systems.

RNA can deliver every conceivable solution for your task and in the best quality on the market.

ASTRO feeding systems

ASTRO feeding systems a locally manufactured product based on the superior vibrator components from RNA. They are suitable for a wide range of parts and are fully proven solutions at reasonable prices with short lead times.


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