LS LINK from WEISS - Faster, more accurate and longer!


WEISS combines speed, precision and reliability with simple integration into the new LS Link system

LS Link from WEISS is the latest innovation in linear conveyor systems. LS Link expands the existing range with a focus on efficient and precise transportation of parts in automated assembly and packaging lines. 

Efficiency and Precision in one

The LS Link excels with a speed of approximately 60 cycles per minute and a movement time of less than 0.2 seconds for feed chains up to 200 mm.

This fast and efficient transportation is ensured by the system's precise drive concept, making it ideal for situations where accuracy and short transportation times are essential. At the same time, the planetary gear system ensures a positioning accuracy of +/- 50 μm, making the LS Link extremely versatile and compatible for different positions and feeding times. The LS Link is equipped with an impressive payload and can be loaded with up to 50 kg per link in a vertically adjusted chain feeding system. It is also possible to absorb high process forces of up to 1,000 N in the vertical position

Simple integration and flexibility

LS Link ensures simple and flexible integration into assembly lines. With different chain lengths, the system can be adapted to almost any assembly or transportation process and can be installed both vertically and horizontally. The variable installation position makes it possible to adapt the system to the production process and the available space of the installation area.

Ease of use and maintenance-free operation

For ease of implementation, LS Link comes with a pre-configured software interface. The system is designed for 24/7 continuous operation and is completely maintenance-free depending on the application. This makes it an ideal solution where minimal attention to system availability is required.

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